Founded in 1954, Howard J. Barth & Associates, Inc. (HJBA) is a multi-disciplined, professional engineering firm with staff expertise in civil, structural, and architectural engineering. Focused on transportation infrastructure and commercial architecture, the firm provides services throughout southern, central, and eastern Indiana. HJBA’s clients include the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT); local governments – counties, cities and towns; construction companies; and private corporations, developers and individuals.

The firm specializes in providing engineering services for the design of new roadways and rehabilitation of existing roadways. HJBA has designed new bridges in steel, reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete. Structures have been designed as multiple simple spans bridges, continuous spans, and single span structures. The staff is involved in planning, design and environmental permits. Structures frequently are elements of more complex transportation corridors often requiring roadway realignment, intersections, signing and striping, and roadway widening and improvements.

HJBA provides architectural engineering services for the design of new commercial, government and municipal buildings, and restoration and renovation of existing buildings. Working independently or within a team, HJBA has completed numerous projects providing site development services, structural design, and architectural layout and design for construction of office buildings, hospitals, fire stations, government buildings and courthouses.

Take a look at Howard J. Barth & Associates, Inc. Our diverse experience and contact list enables us to produce successful projects time and time again, while earning the respect of both clients and contractors.